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What have I done?

Don't Crash

A small game which was built as a team effort during my studies. Eulogizes the hard work of air traffic controllers. Java/Python.


A game developed for the Global Game Jam in January 2016.

Interactive Narratives

The project I did for my MEng. It's all about teaching computers to tell stories. Check the paper out!

The Radcliffe Red List

A dokuwiki-driven wiki for the Heritage Crafts Association in the UK.

Songs of the Void

A series of fantasy novels I have been working on. In Bulgarian, alas - feel free to email for more excerpts in English.

Other interests of note


I am volunteering as a martial arts instructor at the York Free Fencers Guild. Been doing HEMA for about 6 years now.

Event Organization

I've organized tournaments and fairs, obtained funding, drafted plans and given lectures.

On the tabletop

I'm an avid roleplaying gamer. I've run and played in many a campaign. This is the current one.


Radostin Nanov here.

I am a software designer, fencer and writer, currently based in York, UK, but made in Bulgaria. Beside everything else you might have seen up this page, I like the outdoors, gaming and cooking.

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Si vous remarquez de tels symptômes ou toute autre transformation du comportement pendant que vous prenez ce médicament, cheap cipro communiquez avec votre médecin immédiatement. In fact, aravana prasadam cost the best benefit is seen if Retin-A is used for at least a year. Meanwhile, the researchers analyzed the three-dimensional images of each participant’s brain and measured the number of connections between small blocks of neurons known as voxels. A simple scrotal hydrocele without communication with the peritoneal cavity and no associated hernia should be excised if it has not spontaneously resolved by the age of 12 months. Aciphex Adderall What Does Pill Look Like Xanax And Adderall . If a decision on the duration of confinement is outside the standard SRA ranges, the ISRB must give adequate written reasons for the departure. • Нарушение функции почек. Talk to a doctor about starting a fitness regimen that can not only help in losing prednisone weight, but can also promote long-term health. However, arava 20 mg forum many people who have Candida do not have vaginal infections.
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supposedly it assists in stopping neuropathic pain...its good stuff and I definitely fall back on this when i am out of opiates...I usually take 1200-2100mgs of it and its a cross between (for me) an opiate high and a cocaine high. This was an important point to make since, cost for benadryl in our culture, this idea is so incredibly foreign, since the Irish have been fully accepted as "white" for almost a century. Some of the side effects started to appear after taking 2.5 mg of Altace since April of 2002. I finished my hydroquinone tube within 6 weeks and decided to take a break from using it as i’ve read from other blogs that continuous usage is not advised. At conception, sabarimala aravana prasadam online booking children receive a set of genes from each parent.